Terms and Conditions


The membership of Robert Stephens Racing Club (RSRC) is valid for 12 months from the date of payment. The membership is non refundable and cannot be sold. The membership fee is a ‘one off’ payment, members will not be subject to any additional requests for payment. RSRC will be limited to only 80 members.


Membership includes:

A share of prize money won by any RSRC horse during your membership.

Owners Badges to the racecourses when any RSRC horse is running. This will be determined by a ballot system if more members than the allocated tickets wish to attend.

Two RSRC stable visits per calendar year.


Membership does not include ownership of the horses in RSRC, all club horses are leased and if sold or lost, a replacement(s) will be found as soon as possible.


If RSRC managers are of the opinion, at any time, there are insufficient members to make RSRC viable, they reserve the right to refund all those memberships without interest, on a pro-rated basis for the remaining membership period.


Prize money won by the horses in the RSRC will be distributed amongst members. Any prize money won by RSRC horses will be determined by Weatherbys, these monies will then be offset by VAT and racing administration fees such as entry, declaration, supplementary and administration costs. After these deductions the prize money fund will be held on behalf of the members by RSRC before distribution on an annual basis.


RSRC reserve the right to terminate or suspend membership with immediate effect if, at any time, any conduct by a member, which in RSRC opinion, is damaging to the character or interests of RSRC or offensive to other members of Robert Stephens Racing staff.


Members acknowledge that participation in RSRC is for the purpose of experiencing in the enjoyment of horse racing and not for investment.


RSRC reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at anytime.